Coding and Quality Monitoring
Why an Important Part of Survey Preparation is a Successful Mock Survey
Coding and Quality Monitoring services bring coding reviews, accuracy, productivity, and education to a higher level.  


At S. Stevenson Consulting, our uniquely qualified consultants promote initiatives to maintain effective working relationships with medical staff, ensuring consistency of purpose and mutuality of interest between the operations in support of standards, bylaws, rules and regulations.  In doing this, we provide support throughout the organization which includes medical staff committees and groups. 

Organizations are now more in line with creating and maintaining a culture of safety, ensuring compliance with written policies, procedures and guidelines.  These  documents  are   proven  to  have

  • Accreditation Preparation
  • Mock Survey / Pre Survey Review
  • Disease Specific Care Certification Review
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Quality Medical Records Review
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • On Site Staff Education
  • Claims Auditing
  • Patient Satisfaction Training
  • Inquire About Additional Services

Our Services

Ideally, facilities strive to be "survey ready" all year long.  Maintaining survey readiness is not as easy as it seems.  Many facilities are opting to conduct a mock survey in preparation for their actual survey or certification site visit to achieve optimal outcomes. Specializing in Stroke Readiness and Disease Specific Care Stroke Certification, let S. Stevenson Consulting  assist you in your journey to readiness, certification or recertification.

                                         S. Stevenson Consulting provides ongoing on-site audits, pre-bill coding reviews, and educational programs that will analyze  your organization's coding results and correct errors in real time.  We also provide retrospective audits designed to identify patterns in coding errors, develop corrective action plans, and educate your medical staff to enhance their knowledge and documentation to assist your coders in their coding efforts resulting in improved reimbursements while remaining compliant with regulatory agency requirements.

become key components to healthcare.  Policies, procedures and guidelines explain values that support every day decisions, emphasizing the importance, promoting transparency in decision making. 

Let our team of experts assist your organization with process improvements,  strategies and best practices to improve care along the healthcare continuum.