Leadership and Quality

  • Excellent perspective on stroke center development related to primary and comprehensive center standards
  • Primary Stroke Center (PSC) and Comprehensive Stroke Center (CSC) development and certification experience, as a former Joint Commission Reviewer
  • Provide a professional, objective review of systems and processes of care within your organization
  • Added value in the ability to spread knowledge about Joint Commission Standards throughout the entire organization
  • System approach to assessing an organization's readiness with Stroke Disease Specific Care Standards
  • Engage general staff, physicians and leadership providing high quality initiatives to Stroke Disease Specific Care Certification
  • Experience professionals with Lean Six Sigma Training and Education
  • Advanced Stroke Life Support Training and Course Offerings

Why   S. Stevenson Consulting

At S. Stevenson Consulting, our consultants are experienced practitioners with a wide range of expertise in accreditation, quality assessment, regulatory compliance, healthcare administration, leadership development, disease specific care certification, and healthcare education.  We are committed to healthcare and to providing specialized expertise to meet your organization's specific needs.  Like our clients, our goal is to improve healthcare delivery. 

S. Stevenson Consulting is a dynamic healthcare consulting company with expert resources to assist hospitals and other healthcare organizations with operational planning and support needs to meet the ever changing clinical demands and utilization patterns of healthcare.  We offer client specific, insightful, lasting solutions.   By developing lasting solutions, we enable our clients to focus on what matters most: providing quality patient care while strengthening the organization and enhancing the bottom line.

Disease Specific Care

  • Administrative Leadership and Quality Management experience with National Healthcare Quality Certifications
  • Proven leadership skills with strategic direction of quality management; assuring quality systems alignment across value streams to enable seamless cross-functional process integration
  • Drive strong integration of quality initiatives related to audit compliance, process engineering and program quality planning and follow through
  • Assist in the development of change management practices to influence the organization's acceptance of quality systems and utilization of supporting practices and standard processes
  • Experience with ability to deploy and sustain standards based quality initiatives addressing management commitment and review; quality planning measurement & analysis, corrective action planning accompanied by internal audit and remediation initiatives
  • Assist with organizing or establishing a collaborative network of quality champions, process owners, and quality control representatives throughout the organization
  • Promote initiatives to maintain effective working relationships with medical staff, ensuring consistency of purpose and mutuality of interest between the operations in support of standards, bylaws, rules and regulations.  Provide support to medical staff committees, as appropriate